Discover Barcelona by Bamboo Bike

Enjoy a unique private tour with your personal guide

Experience an exclusive cycling feeling and get to know the special places

We adapt the tour to your wishes

All our tours are private with a guide just for you, your family and friends

Mirador de Colon in Barcelona Bamboo Bike Tours

Red Tour 2 hours / from 20€

Blue Tour 3 hours / from 30€

Green Tour 4 hours / from 40€ / Drink included

Yellow Tour 5 hours / from 50€ / Drink + tapa included

Purple Tour 6 hours / from 60€ / Drink + complete meal included

Barcelona Street Art Tour 3 hours / from 30


Bamboo Bike Tours bamboo bicycles different models



has a red of around 200 kilometers of bicycle lanes and about 300 sunny days per year. Perfect for riding the bike!

Experience a new form of cycling while you discover one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean.



is light, strong but also very flexible. It works as a natural buffer providing a smooth pedaling and cycling feeling.


Bamboo avoids deforestation as it is a quickly-growing plant. It reduces the energy use during the bike production process to 10%.



Each bamboo bicycle is unique, 100% handmade and equipped with high-quality components.


We ensure that all our bikes have been manufactured in decent working conditions and at a fair price for our producers.

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