Team Building

Increase motivation & promote teamwork

Collective artwork

Creation of a collective work of art where all participants contribute to a big graffiti wall. The activity is conducted by a real street artist who will explain about the concept and the different techniques of graffiti art. 


The goal is that each participant gives free rein to his imagination whilst respecting the pre-defined pattern and the work of the others at the same time.

The unique experience of creating a collective art piece helps to strengthen the team work, creativity and dynamics of the group.


In collaboration with 'Street Art Barcelona'

Individual works of art

All participants have the possibility to create their own little piece of art.


First a professional street artist will show you how to make your own, individual stencil template. Additionally there will be dozens of samples available to choose from.


Everybody helps everybody! The aim is to promote and develop the team spirit.


This activity is also held In cooperation with 'Street Art Barcelona'.

Treasure / Scavenger hunt by bamboo bike

The group will be split into different teams. The idea is to discover Barcelona on your own initiative. Follow the instructions, observe and find clues or solve the riddle to figure out the next stop. Every team is provided a road book with some information that you need to complete in order to reach the end of the tour.


Mutual help and a great team spirit are necessary to accomplish the route within the defined timeframe. Which team will be first…?


This activity is eminently suitable to incorporate new staff members, sharpen the competitiveness or nourish the relationships with your business partners.