About Us

Bamboo Bike Tours is the first company in Europe that offers guided tours with bicycles made out of bamboo.


By discovering the city on our bamboo bikes you actively contribute to ecological awareness and fair trade, our two main values. At Bamboo Bike Tours we also ensure that each bicycle has been manufactured in decent working conditions. 10% of our benefits are dedicated to promote social projects for young people in poor districts of Barcelona.

Ecological Awareness

Fair Trade

Local Commitment

Bamboo is a very light, strong and at the same time flexible type of wood, which works as a natural buffer helping to reduce vibrations and providing a smooth pedal and cycling feeling. It is also a very fast-growing plant which helps to avoid deforestation. The production of one of our bamboo bikes only takes about 10 % of the  energy and resources that are required to fabricate a bike made of conventional materials.


We offer the possibility to adapt the tour to your wishes including places you have not seen yet.

Bamboo Bike Tours is a new way of enjoying tourism responsibly and in accordance with our planet and fair trade principles. Our tours are a unique and exclusive experience of cycling while discovering one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean.